I am a thousand blackbirds flying through the sky

with pink feet

I am a thousand owls at night

I am rooks on a morning

I am swallows along a washing line

tapping on a window to see what I can see inside

I am a thousand swallows flying around a living room

I can see through lime earth-filled walls

through wooden ceilings, concrete floors

I see the pattern of earth deep below, all around

I am a thousand ants making a thousand alleyways through the soil

to serve the queen

I am a thousand bees feasting on a thousand flowers

1000’s of pieces of pollen

I can see inside a flower

see the formation of the pollen

the beauty inside a bee

I can see through all the gateways

beyond the guardians

I can see classical structures

how this world is made up

I can see quantum level creation, creators, factors

I can see energy coming into being

I am a thousand blackbirds flying over the sea

in a delightful swirling action

We are singing, all of us, constantly,

even under our breath

We don’t sleep, we constantly sing

It is our destiny

our very beingness

to sing bright




Where I Live series by Silver Birch Press, L.A, USA: https://silverbirchpress.wordpress.com/2015/02/22/the-moors-by-julie-rose-clark-where-i-live-poetry-photography-series/

Runner-up prize for my haiku in Future Huddersfield Competition 2015 (as part of Huddersfield Literature Festival)  http://litfest.org.uk/?q=competitions2015

Self-published book:  ‘I Like You Like I Love’ published in 2002. Anthologies: Hope Street (ISBN:1759-2542) and Unheard Voices (ISBN: 978-0-9523246-3-8)

Poems published in The Northern Echo, Revolver, Cake, Instant, Mentress Moon, Artesian, Green Shoots and Harlequin magazine.

Prize winning poems published in Huddersfield Literary Festival Competition and Off The Shelf, Sheffield.

Interviewed by Wolverhampton Radio. Performer@ Shindig, Hebden Bridge, WriteOutloud, Poems and Pints, Edinburgh.


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